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Would you like to be an expert? Without these 5 steps it’s impossible!


It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning or further. It’s worth to know. Intracommunication is a basis and 5 steps will tell you if you are an expert.

Memes and building an expert’s image


We know them. Funny. Surprising. Memes share information and emotion. How can you use them to build an expert’s image and your brand?

Be one step ahead of others – creative photography in business


Wrapped into thermal foil as in a dress I am leaning against a barn and I’m smiling to the sun. If you think that I’m crazy, I must add that next to me there is another person who looks similar to me. We are taking part in a professional business photo session.

Why is it the last day of fanpage Bridgehead PR on Facebook


Facebook is a very flexible tool. Business is a very dynamic creature. So changes are inevitable. It’s high time you re-thought your presence on Facebook.

Concept and introducing to the market a new company image


Goal: consistent and strong image and CI elements. Below some examples. Logo     Website: www.cbig.eu     Visual materials       VIP gifts    

Why do you need a PR specialist at a photo session?


A PR specialist can be a wind, but first of all he is a creator. Like a professional pilot he lets you fly where you wish with a decoded map of you in his hands.

Businessman image and basic mistakes


Some men claim that clothes, colour and dress code are female issues. Unfortunately, this ignorance may result in negative effects and image.

Businesswoman image and its basic mistakes


She smiles to me. Always neat. Talks to her about colors, make-up and style are not only a pure pleasure, but also a good business lesson. The most important is to avoid basic mistakes. What mistakes?

Website and your presence in the net


It started from a website, but where will it end? Maybe on a blog? How do you use your presence in the net?