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How to write and tell stories to win audience’s hearts?


How to write a story? How to reach into your audience’s hearts? Be authentic and really have something to say. Evoke emotion: Love. Here is an example of how to do it in practice.

Happiness recipe


I’m alone. It’s gloomy. I look at the cathedral in Cologne and think: what about this happiness?

4 keys to stories that open our hearts


It’s because of this cat! I wanted to check something and I got stuck all evening. What’s a story!

Netiquette and email?


Netykieta i email

What’s it netiquette? How is it connected with email? Have you thought of e-mail as your business card which tells a lot about you?

Business card communicates


Siła wizytówki w biznesie

Imagine that you are a book cover… What is there on it? Do you like it? What does it communicate? What emotion does it show? Fine, so let’s finish to dream and come back to reality. To business. To business card.

Poetry, PR and business


Are there any connections? Certainly!