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Why should you have press kit?


Every company and public person would have it as press kit is the basic tool of any Public Relations activities.

How to communicate against the stream


On the bench old women are sitting. Widows, I suppose. And they can communicate. I’m smiling thinking of their gossips. Suddenly, I see crowns on their heads. What’s up?!

Logotype and communication


Dentistry is a good example which shows how you can be trapped by your market identification and this way lose your chance for unique communication via logotype.

What for is creative writing


From time to time I sit down together with writers and it reminds me of the sentence:”A real writer doesn’t want to write; a real writer has to write”.

Business card communicates


Siła wizytówki w biznesie

Imagine that you are a book cover… What is there on it? Do you like it? What does it communicate? What emotion does it show? Fine, so let’s finish to dream and come back to reality. To business. To business card.


It is coming the time of Easter e-cards invasion. Different ship and chickens? No, all are the same. This is spam!

About building relations


I’m reading a banal and beautiful text which has been recommended by my friend who was a long time  a communications director in a corporation. Even I realize I know it, it is worth checking how I practise this knowledge in my everyday life.

What for is Public Relations? (2)


Writes true stories which sell.

PR summit


Page 100 in a journal*. A summit. A summit of dreams. PR Summit. Doctor Szczyt ( in Polish Szczyt means a summit). How to get to this peak?

The most important printed document


Statistics from last 4 years informs that there are sent 400-450 a year, so it means more than 1 a day. There is no another document in my firm which would be used so often.