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I love such people!


Who? People with passion. With imagination. With courage. You are still asking what kind of people? Just one example.



BBQ season has started and it’s the time for socializing.

Why do I like working with dental doctors?


Because of three Public Relations challenges.

Treat person, not disease


The aim of the project is organizing workshops about communication for dental students to let them communicate with their future patient successfully. Its motto is the sentence by Hippocrates ‘ Treat person, not disease’. The project as our idea is a result of students’ interest in a good communication with a patient. Thank to financial support from the company SciCan GmbH it can be realized in 2011. This in one day workshop which lasts 5 hours and focuses on answering…

Treat person, not disease


Goal: more dental doctors who can: communicate to patients, to others and themselves with a success, use good interpersonal skills to create good talks in everyday life, inc. their dental offices, develop their abilities and interpersonal skills to enjoy great communication. Steps: 1st step 2009-2011– one day workshop at 5 medical universities in Poland designed for students who are interested in communication. 2nd step 2011-2012 – creating a group that decided to develop their skills to communicate with success, including…