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What to do when your personal PR gets caught by a lie?


You got yourself into unnecessary conversation on Facebook. Someone is spreading lies about you. Is this something trivial or a beginning of crisis?

Emigrants on the threshold – a few words about crisis PR


He was talking about Shakespeare. About three roles: a good hero, a bad hero and a victim. I thought: no doubts, there’ll be dead bodies and I have never specialized in crisis PR.

Eight Roman PR Rule and personal branding


I’m talking to a very interesting person. He tells me about his plans shyly. It seems to be that he has got a goal. His smile is so warm. I feel temptation. The temptation which leads to astray.

Are we immortal?


Ancient Greek language always fascinated me, but on the other hand it made me shy. It was not because of the language itself, but of all what was going on around it. One day we had to write an address of farewell to Melanios.

Cat’s issue vs. human mistakes


A cat is hit by a car. A man takes care about it and asks for financial help. More than 6 thousand PLN is sent to a bank account. But there is neither this cat nor the car.