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Writing e-mails-the art of communication in 21st c. Are you its master?


Over 200 billion e-mails are sent and received daily. This number is growing. E-mail is a primary communication tool in business. You have to learn to use this so as not to be behind the best.

Creative writing and business


Kreatywne pisanie

Guest post by Joanna Wrycza-Bekier.  The word has been getting great power since it appeared on screens. How to create words which tempt, persuade, inspire and sell?

Creative writing – what is it about?


Writing courses? I have doubts. In writing matters experiencing, getting to know, working. Creative writing. Why yes?

What do you choose from Public Relations menu?


Public Relations means acts of kindness. We need them to feel happy. And business without personal happiness is worth not much, isn’t it?

Website and 5 mistakes


Website is the headquartes information centre about you, your firm, products, services. You know how important it is in your business, don’t you? We may think that now when we have such a long experience in creating websites, there are only good and excellent onces. Unfortunatelly, we still make basic mistakes. Know 5 of them.

What for is creative writing


From time to time I sit down together with writers and it reminds me of the sentence:”A real writer doesn’t want to write; a real writer has to write”.

What success?


I’m before stating a completely new experience in my life and I’ve just summed up last 4 months of my work. I’d like to say proudly what I’ve done and encourage you to praise yourself.

Think, write and publish a book


I mean the book which I read at night because I had to finish it. When I read last sentence I wanted to know not only what next, but also who the writer was.

Writing as if on cue


Is it impossible to write following an order? Have you no time to write?

Post at first sight


What you see will decide if you read.