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Pinterest – communication that is a woman


I look at her. I point to her. I comment. I share the picture on Facebook. Pinterest is not only nice, but also useful. Including business.

Businessman image and basic mistakes


Some men claim that clothes, colour and dress code are female issues. Unfortunately, this ignorance may result in negative effects and image.

Twitter – before you start tweet-communication


In 2011 I was so much interested in Twitter that I created the profile @bridgeheadpr. And then it was hard to believe that its popularity would grow so fast. Today in business I often meet the question: what about Twitter?

How and what for identify your elevator pitch?


How to use your first minutes of presentation the best way? Use elevator pitch!

What do you choose from Public Relations menu?


Public Relations means acts of kindness. We need them to feel happy. And business without personal happiness is worth not much, isn’t it?

Website and 5 mistakes


Website is the headquartes information centre about you, your firm, products, services. You know how important it is in your business, don’t you? We may think that now when we have such a long experience in creating websites, there are only good and excellent onces. Unfortunatelly, we still make basic mistakes. Know 5 of them.

What is Public Relations for? (4)


Is Public Relations communication? Is Public Relations about how to talk to anyone?

Logotype and communication


Dentistry is a good example which shows how you can be trapped by your market identification and this way lose your chance for unique communication via logotype.

Effectiveness of communication with a pencil


Have you a pencil? Use it in communication to be understood well.

Website and your presence in the net


It started from a website, but where will it end? Maybe on a blog? How do you use your presence in the net?