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Blog? If you have doubts about starting a blog, make an experiment


You have doubts if blog is for you and if it is a useful tool. There are some ways to check it and find answers. Before you start to work on your blog seriously, before you spend money on it, before you invest your time, check if it is really for you.

Communication and your resposibility for it


“You are responsible for what you say, but not for how people understand it”. If you agree with it, to my mind you have lack of basic knowledge about communication.

True story about how you can harm yourself with a business card


I sit at a round table at After Party with guests of Charms of Business. Everyone is telling a short story about herself and finally exchange business cards. One of our lectures and guests,

Criticism becomes scarce in the world


True criticism is like a fertilizer which guarantees growing and good harvest. The access to criticism is difficult because it is delivered by only a few and really not many people can use it well.

7 rules which are crucial for Public Relations specialist who works for another person


I work as a PR specialist with people who are experts and who have been building their position in different markets. We work together on building a bridge which reaches their goals. Both my experience and my belief let me create 7 rules which are features of a good PR specialist to my mind.

Small talk a basic PR tool and its strenghts


What is PR about? About running a talk. How do you get to know a person? By talking. What does relations’ building proccess require? Talking. Let’s start from small talk.

Successful communication, having a meal together and the chameleon effect


Komunikacja przy wykorzystaniu efektu kameleona jest udana.

We can enjoy a cup of coffee together. With a cake. Or let’s have a breakfast meeting. What you want is to make our communication successful, don’t you?

How to survive defeat and change it into beneficial PR projects


One upon a time I entered the medical market with PR products with a great enthusiasm. And I was badly defeat.

Talk – the tool which shows what is important and unimportant


Plans. Many tasks. Important questions. Thinking sometimes is not enough to make a decision. Too many doubts and what to do? Practice a talk. Like sparring.

How to communicate against the stream


On the bench old women are sitting. Widows, I suppose. And they can communicate. I’m smiling thinking of their gossips. Suddenly, I see crowns on their heads. What’s up?!