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How to sell more and more – is this your goal?


It is not my goal to make a million and sell more. I believe that my life, just as yours, has greater goals and deeper sense. Stop focusing on sales!

Memes and building an expert’s image


We know them. Funny. Surprising. Memes share information and emotion. How can you use them to build an expert’s image and your brand?

True story about how you can harm yourself with a business card


I sit at a round table at After Party with guests of Charms of Business. Everyone is telling a short story about herself and finally exchange business cards. One of our lectures and guests,

How to cooperate and get a common goal


Why sometimes the proverb that it’s best to be your own man is true?   When is working together is a good choice? What about duets and goals?

Time and PR myth


PR is cool and yes, we should take care of it, but… you must wait for results, for a long time. Nobody has time to wait. Bullocks!

7 rules which are crucial for Public Relations specialist who works for another person


I work as a PR specialist with people who are experts and who have been building their position in different markets. We work together on building a bridge which reaches their goals. Both my experience and my belief let me create 7 rules which are features of a good PR specialist to my mind.

Writing quality – the crucial, yet neglected, skill in business


Whoever you are, you write a lot: mails, messages, texts, posts, status on Facebook, offers, etc. So how do you develop your writing skills in order to communicate better and reach your business goals?

Coffee PR and its definition


Coffee PR is your chance for a talk. What kind of talk? The talk about business, which includes asking pointed questions leading to solutions.

Successful communication, having a meal together and the chameleon effect


Komunikacja przy wykorzystaniu efektu kameleona jest udana.

We can enjoy a cup of coffee together. With a cake. Or let’s have a breakfast meeting. What you want is to make our communication successful, don’t you?

Creative writing and business


Kreatywne pisanie

Guest post by Joanna Wrycza-Bekier.  The word has been getting great power since it appeared on screens. How to create words which tempt, persuade, inspire and sell?