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Blog? If you have doubts about starting a blog, make an experiment


You have doubts if blog is for you and if it is a useful tool. There are some ways to check it and find answers. Before you start to work on your blog seriously, before you spend money on it, before you invest your time, check if it is really for you.

How to write ideal post blog


Good recipe means proper proportions and right ingredients. Result? An ideal muffin with cream! So how many words should post blog contain to be ideal and to attract readers?

3 reasons why Pulse is a good blog


Now you can create your business blog in a minute. Just have your profile on LinkedIN and you have free access to Pulse. Why is it worth entering?

Female Blog Carnivals


Firstly you see a wagon shaped like a ship. Behind it there is the sea of people whose leader was Dionysos. Thousand years ago and now we ask the question: how to keep this carnival longer?

Blog in business – 3 basic mistakes


We write. We enjoy it. Do we treat blog as a business instrument with a goal? Build blog as a rock castle!

Blog writing guide


How does it help? I make coffee. I sit down by my desk. I answer.

Website and your presence in the net


It started from a website, but where will it end? Maybe on a blog? How do you use your presence in the net?

What success?


I’m before stating a completely new experience in my life and I’ve just summed up last 4 months of my work. I’d like to say proudly what I’ve done and encourage you to praise yourself.

Pictures for blog?


You ask: where are they? So I answer.

Blog is not a toy


Writing a blog seems to be so easy, but it is not. It needs mych more than enthusiasm…