Success Map

Everyone is a traveller. Without a good map we will be in trouble to reach a port.

Success Map is an individual workshop inc. consultation which aim is to draw a map of success for both a person and a firm. The workshop establishes priorities, creates a strategy, verifies actions and focuses on planning. First of all, it takes into account power of effective communication and potential which is in every owner / managing person. It is addressed to people who despite of much effort cannot reach their goals and to these who would like to know their success map beffore they start their business journey.

The workshop is divided into 2 hour meetings preceded by an interview. It is tailored to individuals needs. Usually it includes such issues like Corporate Identity, effective communication and personal development.

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Effective, tactful, absolutely professional. She is showing the rout which is worth following in order to meet established aim. Kutyba Photography

She is like the wind which blows your sails, a compass, a friend. She is a present which you have been waiting for a long time. She is a professionalist and a lovely woman with much positive energy. She has built for me beautiful and durable bridges as an engineer of happiness and auspiciousness of my firm. She has equipped me with my success map with which I will never be lost. FeniksStyle

The beginning – my own company, a lot of duties. I’m in a muddle. Chaos. Lack of specific actions. Now – more belief in success, a schedule of actions, first successes and the vision what I want to achieve. Thanks to her I know what I want and how to get my goal. She is charismatic and  she is bursting with energy A great specialist and a perfect organizer.Poradnia Dietetyczna Szymon Chrzanowski