Success in Chinese


In 2014 he was the 26th richest person in the world. What does he talk about success?

He sings Tibetan and Mongolian folk songs  at corporate annual meetings. But he is known for his iron discipline in the company. I’m listening an interview to Wang Jianlin in which he talks about 3 things which success needs:

#luck – he admits that he was lucky;

I’d rather say that it was the ability to observe and then to get a chance. Additionally, courage which can overcome fear connected with risk.

#innovation – instantly innovating and getting better and better;

The world is changing and winners are people who can predict changes. What matters? Work. Instant work and discipline.


# persistence – it appears when we know where we go;

And to my mind, this is the main weakness of most companies. They drift without a goal and they catch what business situation delivers here and now. Neither vision nor strategy. So they have no idea what persistence really is.


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