Sub rosa – to be continued


Sub rosa turned out to be just the natural course of events. From years it waited for 2013 and action. But what next?

Through the years I got friendly with English language. It lets me communicate not only in business, but also with my friends who don’t know Polish. This language forgives me a lot. But on the other hand it is my big challenge.

And also it is fascinating because of poetry of Frost, Blake, Rexroth… I cannot imagine life without c.c.cummings.

English wants from me during writing precision and mindfulness. In Polish sometimes I cannot find good words (usually because of emotion), but sometimes I feel that I need a lot of words, too many words, in fact. English, which seems to me a kind of natural barrier for a non-native user of it, trains me. And thanks to it I have a distance, calmness and I focus on finding the best words. So that it’s why I have a new challenge: writing poems only in English. These poems will not have Polish translation. And this is my goal for next years. I started from zero in 2014 to write 13 poems in English which I really would like to share with you. Of course, I have no idea what will be between my decision and reaching the goal, like in some lines below in one of the first written poems:


The only thing you do not know is what may happen between

where you are now and the end you believe you know full well.

And I am between. Between you and me. Hidden in the story that

You would have never forgot. Promise. Be sure. Absolutely.


Post Scriptum

And this poem was really lucky and it has started to live its life. How? You can listen to it – just click HERE.

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