Structogram means intracommunication in practise


Justyna Niebieszczańska, a student, remembered her lectures very well. Not only because of what she taught, but also because of how she did it. She was happy with her life and she knew well where she was going. Today, I know that she passed some issues connected with intracommunication, so that is why my memory retained her.

It happened to me not to deliver PR support because a person was not ready for it taking into account itracommunication, so they were not ready for this business. Have I already told you that

without intrapersonal communication Public Relation is like a soap bubble – beautiful, but lasts only for a  short while…

So how to learn intracommunication and what to do? I didn’t have a good answer and I didn’t want to deliver any advice.


My friend used to say: the earth is round and…. people come back to you. Luckily, because it gives a chance to create a new quality of relation. Now I know what really intracommunication is and how much it matters in Public Relations. And it is the best moment for me to meet again Anna Urbańska, this lecturer who I remembered so well and who is now Master Trainer of STRUCTOGRAM in Poland.


STRUCTOGRAM is intracommunication and finally we can experience it during  training. So if you don’t feel strong enough in business or you are on your way to reach a goal, there is this method which lets you know yourself. I asked Anna if knowing yourself determines success:

A.UrbańskaTo my mind, knowing yourself is the key factor of success. Through the whole life we gather a lot of opinions about us. Some of them are true, but most are trumped-up stories. And they are obstacles which make it really difficult to reach  goals. Knowing yourself means separating these false beliefs from true predispositions sometimes hidden in our nature. When we meet strong features of our nature, we get an access code to ourselves and we know how to deal with life and business to reach goals. And how to do it effectively still being yourself? If we know what we are good at we focus on methods which utilises our strenghts. We get aims faster and we save time, energy, money.

There are so many trainings, workshops, lectures… you can choose. If you had to choose only one training this year, then choose STRUCTOGRAM®. Anna Urbanska is a coach with much knowledge and experience who focuses on Structogram. You may ask yourself why is it so effective?

STRUCTOGRAM® is first of all the tool which is free-value. ‘Free-value’ means that there are neither good nor bad answer, so there are neither good nor bad results of biostructur. During a training we focus on personal predispositions and possibilities of using them in practise. In Poland most people cannot say anything about  their strenghts, so it results in low self-esteem problem. Structogram idetifies your potential. It gives confidence, motivates and it delivers much power to act. Structogram is a unique connection of specialistic knowledge about brain and genetics. It is a bridge which through soft skills ( like confidence, knowing potential) result in success in sales, negotiations and team management.

In April I am going to take part in the second part of this training called TRIOGRAM, which focuses on relations to others, so on something that very often decides about our success.

I’d like to thank Anna Urbańska, Master Trener STRUCTOGRAM®,   for sharing her knowledge about knowing yourself.

Fot. Trzy Kolory Mózgu.

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