PR and spa – a true story of failure


Based on a true story.

Introduction: a new medical spa without image, clients, a manager, a strategy needs to be promoted.


Chapter 1

Creating a concept by a PR agency. Clarifying aims and a strategy. The chairman of the board acceptance.

Chapter 2

Developing a comprehensive plan of PR activities to the end of 2011. Including such things like informative campaign both local and national, activities addressed to selected targets, media plan. Creating the corporate identity based on tradition and values like honesty and good quality as the chairman wished.

Chapter 3

Presenting a review of tasks to complete in presence of the chairman and the marketing director. Discussion. Full acceptance. Establishing the budget to the end of 2011 and arranging a working meeting in 2 days.

Chapter 4

At the working meeting the director cancelled the agreement and offered provision from selling hotel rooms. Two marketing people grabbing in their hands materials delivered by the agency claimed: we know, we do, we do not need anyone. Misunderstanding? Wishing success the agency people finished this meeting.

Chapter 5

Another meeting with the chairman, however not because of he had contacted the agency. Paying invoice for completed hours of work? Value of intellectual property? Refund? Gentleman agreement?


Integrated like never before the marketing team which has been completing the task delivered by the agency, however they believe that they are theirs. The director more powerful figure. Finance lost for the agency not including the value of intellectual property. Profit for the agency in a useful lesson: no gentleman agreement in the country by the Vistula River.

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