Specialization PR? Doing acts of kindness


PR, business and doing acts of kindness don’t match? You’re wrong! And it is scientifically proofed.

Such a business has a deep sense and offers high quality of life. And even if you see yourself as a small cog  it is scientifically proofed that it provides with  improvement in different levels. Your even  a small act of kindness can spread like an infection , because  people who have benefited  pay back by helping others. As Fowler and Christakise show in their study, it is kind of domino effect which influence more and more in a social network. More you do, more it matters for you and your business. Think how you can benefit from this study.


PR – what is it?

There are more than 200 definitions of Public Relations, but the description which I  like the best says that this is doing acts of kindness and then telling about them. If you wish something more and need more sense in your work, think of doing acts of kindness.


Business and act of kindness?

Because of your heart’s need and your strong belief you can developing your  business through doing acts of kindness which I strongly believe are one of main service in Public Relations. If you see always human being and you do acts of kindness  as a result  you are getting a part of something really good. Indirectly, it paints an image of your company. It results in a story about you and  your company to be told between workers, business partners and  people. I would like to emphasize : this is not for every company but only for a company which does not want to create an artificial image to get some response, but for a company which is consistent in its mission  and can look ahead in a long distance future. And it is a great pleasure for a PR manager to tell this story.


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