Special group


Cras ingens iterabimus aequor.

I check again out a lecture room. Flowers are where they should be. Finally, cables were connected successfully. Bottles of water are in a straight row. Last time I verify proportion of knowledge, inspiration, break and I wish it was a holiday and sunny atmosphere, however outside is cloudy and rainy.


After  meetings during the workshop “Treat a Person, not Disease” I realized that I would like very much to give myself and its participants a possibility of being in touch in order to continue our talk. As a result, it was created the group at FB Treat a Person, not Disease which can join any participant of the workshop for whom communication is a very important aspect of professional and private life which needs to be developed. Number one rule in this group is:

Getting knowledge is essential. Following dream is true vocation.

Engoying hospitality in Villa Jozefina placed near Solanki Park, Inowroclawwe were getting to know more about first impression and body language. People claim that words are for transferring information, but body language  is to built relation. First 90 seconds regarding the contact patient / doctor is crucial  determinates atmosphere,  cooperation and both sides satisfaction. Anyway, first of all we look at ourselves in order to see more info looking at another person.

A kind of happy end of this day together was a Biodanza class guided by Agnieszka Sut. Youth, energy and optimism let us, as I personally feel, develope our personality at least a little bit. Although every day we sail a never-ending ocean, gods and another human being support us while we are follow our dreams.