The song about how not to miss a chance


How did it happen? She just stormed in. And there! She already got Dress confession in her hands. The poem just turned into a song. How?

Actually, it was supposed to be a poem written and hidden in a drawer. How come it became a song and was sung out by Monika?

Oh, maybe you are not interested in the process of creating songs but this is a story about how not to miss chances we come across every day.

One day Monika, who has always been singing, asked me if I had some lyrics for her. Sure I had! I had got some poems in my drawer and one, already published, book of poems. However Monika, who I have known since my secondary school, was sure I had to empty that drawer so she did not remit. I sent her Dress confession, a poem written a few years ago. This is how the whole story started!

After a while I heard about a young Swede who had already been composing music for this poem. When I listened to Emil Forsvall’s composition, I could not believe it was for real! When I heard Monika sing it I knew that my poem had found its destination, thanks to Monika, not to me, because she grabbed that chance and gave it to others, me included.

What lesson did it teach me? I learnt that amazing things happen:

when we are open to new opportunities (it doesn’t matter that I have never written lyrics before),

thanks to people who decide on alliances, collaboration and complement each other (they cannot be missed!),

thanks to confidence in other people (it is better to trust and experience than remain with the „well known”).

I thought it would be a one-time adventure but nothing of that kind. If you knew Monika you would not ask why. Another song was very demanding: Waiting with music by Adam Urbanowicz. I met another person who composes -mainly instrumental music – but he accepted the challenge of   composing music to lyrics:

Well…music comprises melody, harmony, time and sounds…Starting on writing music to lyrics means, first of all, searching for the musical THING in the lyrics: rhythm , melodics and possibly …, or maybe in first place, the rhymes and rhythm of a given poem or lyrics…

When I read Adam’s words, I know that melody is similar to life. We are all creators but we need others to tell the meaning of our lives better. Let’s look for this thing, our rhythm and our dream team who makes us become better people and therefore we can give something to others: a unique story. What does Monika say about good songs?

You should always have something to say, in terms of both lyrics and interpretation. You must be able to tell the story of the journey in the realm of a song.

I have just finished listening to another Adam’s composition to the poem Knowledge.

This poem was supposed to wait for its premiere in a few years. Instead, it was also promptly taken away from me by Monika. I know that one day in the future, when my old age will skimp on my vigour, but not on my dreams, I will make delicious dinner, lay the table, light some cream candles and then I will ask him to dance…to the song Knowledge. I will hear Monika. I will think about Adam. About life.

What if I had replied that I had no poem? And what if Monika weren’t so determined? Know who you are but do not define yourself completely. I never thought I would become a lyricist, and yet…

When an opportunity knocks at your door, even if you have never done it, answer: come in!

Monika Bajer

Adam Urbanowicz

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