Social media and temptation


It is so easy to get me excited about something nice and useful. And social media temps severely. Because of its scope. Because of the promise to catch a customer. And it costs very little money!

I see an Instagram picture and I think how cool it is and I’d like to have my profile there. Someone has been expanding Pinterest and I exclaim: wow! Twitter – why not? And we start to choose what we like. And then we devote much time to learn a new social media tool and we spend much time to be active there. And finally we sum up: it doesn’t work! Is anyone experience anything like that?

Here’s the rub! It doesn’t matter what you like. Social media in business is not a toy, but a tool which helps to communicate to your receivers. So the crucial question is: who is your receiver? If you work on your personal brand, Twitter may be helpful. If you are a stylist, use Pinterest and show your work. If you have got a product for teenagers, think of Instagram.

Taking into account communication and PR, this is not a love affair, but a mature choice about to whom you  deliver product, services, solutions. If you made this choice, you can discuss which social media would be good to use in a talk to your receiver ( yes, a talk and not a one way info), your potential client, your customer. So: