Snap and there are both life and business idea. True story.


He lost his job and moved to New York City. e took a picture and today is one of top 15 entrepreneurs who built new careers through social media.

The story of Humans of New York (HONY) and Brandon Stanton are about how in practice:

  • change your passion into your lifestyle and a job,
  • have a goal and work to achieve it,
  • be determined and consistent.


The best is to start from zero

It started in the summer 2010 when he came to NY City. No job, but with the passion and with the idea to take photos of 10 000 New York City’s inhabitants.


If I like something, I do it easily

These pictures began to be sources of interesting talks. So, he started to add some descriptions and quotes to them. This way his portraits got a new quality. And we are interested in not only pictures, but also stories which are behind every picture took by Brandon. It proves over 12 million Facebook likes for HONY. It aso shows that every story of your passion matters.


Your hobby job

Let’s change: needlework into handmade products, loving farming into agritourism business, photographing as a hobby into a real profit.

Many true stories prove that you can change doing what you like into your job. These people follow a PR campaign in 100% based on authenticity. Get your hobby job? Yes, it happens more and more often.


How to let your hobby earn for you?

Brandon Stanton still work on his project. Freelancing and book royalties are keeping him afloat. He gets money for collaboration, magazine pieces, speeches. And he signed two book deals which pay the rent.


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Fot. Brandon Stanton.

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