Small talk a basic PR tool and its strenghts


What is PR about? About running a talk. How do you get to know a person? By talking. What does relations’ building proccess require? Talking. Let’s start from small talk.

Small talk is not small

This is a basic tool of communication. Sometimes the small talk lasts really short, but it influences on results of other business talks. So appreciate small talk and develop your skills in running talks which bring effects. A small talk can bring great results. So see 5 pieces of information which let you know the power of small talk.


#1 To get used to yourself

Small talk means time when you can get used to another person, however first of all there is this advantage – you can get used to yourself being with another person.Thanks to it, we can feel more comfortable.

Higher level of comfort, more chances for a talk which comfort both of the people. So when we start such a talk, we make a new connection which is the beginning of everything.

#2 To see another person

We see another person, but we do not realize who we have seen. The person we talk to sends a lot of information, unfortunately, we can read only few pieces of it. Example? We can observe which distance is fine for another person and then we can respect it during talks to take care of his/her comfort.

#3 Press the button: good atmosphere

Small talk is a chance to have a good atmosphere. As a good atmosphere creator we benefit from being seen as a nice person. No doubts that such nice and smart people succeed in business. Small talk as a talk about nice things is the key to the atmosphere we wish to feel.

#4 Know your level and reach your goal

Small talk also has its aim taking into account different levels:

  • elementary – intracommunication,
  • intermediate – knowing another person,
  • advanced – understanding.

Small talk gives the unique opportunity, because from strangers we become friends in a few minutes. And with a friend it is much easier to talk and it’s much easier to work on a win-win strategy.

#5 Know what both of us like

A successful small talk focuses on finding things which can get us closer (e.g. travelling, books, loving dogs). This nice topic is something what can connect us forever. Thanks to this talk a positive first impression can be created. And finally, then even hard business talks are easier to deal with.


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Profreader: Marta Korsak.



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