BBQ season has started and it’s the time for socializing.

When I have my party hat on, I don’t like to admit to being a dentist. The horror stories told by people in my circle makes me realise how dangerous my job really is and how lucky I am to have made it this far!

So what do we Poles usually talk about amongst each other? You would probably say it depends on who is at the table with us but usually health is the main topic of conversation.

During a recent BBQ, the subject of Chinese medicine came up. A friend mentioned she had been reading an article on the approach of Chinese doctors towards patient care centuries ago. It transpired that people would go to see the doctor not to cure disease but to prevent it from happening in the first place. A good doctor was one whose patients would not get sick. If a patient did become ill or even worse to die, the doctor would light a lantern outside his house to show people that a patient of his had passed away. A lot of lanterns outside his practice would give him a nice looking garden, but not many clients on the books. So the question arose, are we here in Poland ready for a change of attitude towards medical care and can we embrace ‘prevention’ before treatment?

How many of us will respond to check-up reminders sent to us by our dentist? I sometimes feel Chinese medicine may still be centuries ahead.

The guest post written by Katarzyna Griffiths –  a dental doctor who treat people. The owner of Smile Dental Studio.

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