Shacking up in PR


I meet a great person who needs PR support. He is decided to introduce PR way in business. I appreciate his potential, but in such a cooperation matters compatibility, the same values’ sharing. It’s hard to verify it fast. So what next?

Shacking up in a preliminary PR relation!

We declare some things at the beginning, but we still go our separate ways. We enjoy possibility of knowing each other. We look for the answer to the question if we achieve a goal together. What does it give?

First of all, knowing the person – his nature, strong features, habits. In order to learn what makes him so unique. It is the time of being interested in a person without any pressure.

This first stage of building a PR relation means talks about priorities, asking more questions, observing and listening to. It lets to estimate what PR support is expected, what is needed and what is a must. Natural verification.

Shacking up in the relation is a chance to like a person and to make sure if we are compatible. Let’s not waste our time and energy working with people who we just dislike. Anyway, in PR it’d not work. I guess…., but I don’t know as I work with people whom I like.