Second Roman PR Rule


In 1993 I received from my best friend a book with an inscription which I still remember very well.

Whatever you do, do prudently and look to the result.

Sometimes we do things to achieve an immediate goal. Sometimes we want to show something at all costs. Sometimes we make a decision for the moment. Sometimes we rush blindly. Anyway whatever we do in business, let’s remember to ask ourselves the question: what for? What for am I doing it? Ask this question very often.

About this question is the second Roman PR rule: whatever you do, always keep in mind the result.

And this is the most important question in every PR campaign. Every activity should be subordinated to a goal. If you send an invitation for a press meeting, know what for. It is not enough to answer: to inform. You should plan it as well as it is only possible, so know well about what you inform and what’s the aim of this information. Be aware what you expect from media and what positive change your information can introduce for people. And think in advance where information can be released and what kind of response you can expect and also ask if this meeting is a coherent element of your strategy.

Today we too often do something just to do. In the world packed with much information, firstly you can see people who do a lot, but only people who know where they are running reach the finish line.

Second Roman Rule was written by Publius Ovidius Naso and  he really knew the power of the sentence:

quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem!

First Roman PR Rule

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