Sailing to People


It’s getting incredibly hot, so people on the beach sit   under  sun umbrellas. Nobody moves as during such a  boiling weather it means hard work. And suddenly happens something which let them almost run.



A small boat packed with fruit sails towards the shore. Juicy, huge, red peaches and eye-catching grapes are a beautiful picture in the background of the blue sky and water. People gather around choosing and tasting while an old man packs fruit and weights and after that he usually ask for 20 kunas.

I haven’t seen anyone who would care neither about weight of fruit nor price, because the fruit not only look great, but also taste excellent. And what is crucial?  This SAILman (not: SALSman) comes TO them to response to their needs which make some people at once smile. He could read in their minds for which juicy and delicious fruit just delivered  without any moving is exactly what they wish. It was not selling, but just giving fruit and friendly chatting and the man could add something extra like a peach to someone who already received (not: buy) grapes.

Watching it I thought how good business you can experience when you can sail to people like he does and how simple it is when you know where people wait for you.