Pushy doctor


We search info about a doctor in the net. And who we find? Pushy doctor!

I’d never get such an idea if I didn’t learn about the opinion from some doctors that basic activity in the net is ‘aggressive promotion.

Misunderstanding. It’s result of lack of knowledge about how important is internet now and in future. I mean its informative function (google). The world’s been changing…

Completing basic info about a doctor = taking care about honest info about him:

– completing a profile (on website where different medical specialists are gathered) means delivering basic info (it is not promotion),

– if profile exists, it is really worth completing, we add true info about us and we underline what we are specialized in,

– classifying the net as a tool of ‘aggressive promotion’, we decide to leave all info there out of our control,

– and no basic info also communicates, e.g. luck of time, lack of knowledge, ignorance towards potential patients,

– very popular source of information are websites which inc. ranking of doctors; and there are profiles where without face (picture), info, completed address and one negative opinion, so…

such doctors hurt themselves. Maybe they also hurt patients who will not find them and who will not have a chance to be treated successfully.