What is Public Relations for? (4)


Is Public Relations communication? Is Public Relations about how to talk to anyone?

It is not enough. Not enough is just communicate well – catch attention, release info, get feedback.

PR is about forgetting yourself and keep remembering about her, about him, about a person whom you really want to experience a talk. What does it mean?

– talk about something what matters for her/him

– talk about solutions which she/ he is interested in

– talk means asking open questions

– talk needs listening to her/him.


So what is a goal of such a talk in PR? It is about strategic communication process which builds beneficial relationships ( from the official PRSA) through:

– knowing a person as much as possible

– gathering information

– creating a comfortable situation

– having more precious talks in future

– building relation.



Thanks to such an attitude towards talking can be created real PR campaigns that talk about products/ services which make our – interlocutors and customers – life better!


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