Why should you have press kit?


Every company and public person would have it as press kit is the basic tool of any Public Relations activities.

What’s press kit?

This is a piece of information ( written shortly) about a company, a person. It contains basic information about a firm, an owner / a board, products, ways of contact. Content is planned on an individual basis. So last press release and promotional materials can be included there.Let’s remember to inform about our unique factor. The crucial element is a set of pictures, including logotype and pictures of company. The same way is created a press kit of an expert – short bio note and a portrait is must have.


Why is press kit so important?

It’s the evidence that information issue in company is sorted out.

It’s a very important element of building a coherent image.

It’s a basic element of information management regarding a company / a person.


What for?

If you have such a prepared information, you can use it every moment – when media asks for more info, when you prepare a press meeting, when you work as a partner in a project. When you have press kit, you don’t have to write anything in a hurry.

If you have press kit, you can manage your media relations – you deliver information to journalists and you write good press releases.

If you create any more info about company (e.g. leaflet), it is much easier ( as basic info is done) and useful ( your message is coherent).


How to prepare?

Press kit should be prepared in an electronic version ( open file and pdf) as it is easy to share every moment.

Prepare this info on a CD or pendrive.

You can create press room on your website to make it available every moment ( e.g. madalinska.com)

At a press meeting, your press kit can be printed as a folder and it can deliver additional things, like a sample of a product.

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