PR summit


Page 100 in a journal*. A summit. A summit of dreams. PR Summit. Doctor Szczyt ( in Polish Szczyt means a summit). How to get to this peak?

If you are a medical doctor, think how to use personal branding in your career. Why? To be yourself and win business. In Magazyn Stomatologiczny ( nr 1 dental professional journal in Poland, Issue 1/2014)) I share my thoughts about personal branding giving an example of Doctor Szczyt. There is all about personal branding secret.

Some ingredients needed for personal branding:

1. Knowing yourself.

2. Having a goal.

3. Managing your image well.

4. Knowing what differentiate me from others.

5. Trying to improve the world.

6. Telling stories skillfully.

If you have all ingredients ready, plan your campaign. Be courage and consistent.

A manager of Dr Szczyt Plastic Surgery Clinic underlines that this success is a result of hard work. But if this work is from passion, you get Doctor Szczyt‘s result – you are a very nice person, a respected specialist who has his business calendar booked ahead.

Fot. Dariusz Adler.

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