Polish Scar


Only 12-15 % of Polish people trust someone who is not from his / her family. We suffer from a lack of trust . It is not our national defect, but a mental scar.


Looking through Polish history, it seems to be an obvious conclusion that this lack of trust lets us as the nation survive. Take as an example the communistic time. Even now trust is often considered in a naive way of being exposed to danger. Time has changed and now we can enjoy independence, but changing our defence mechanism which has been developing through generations is not easy. The scar will take time to heal.

That is why nobody should be surprised at the deficit of trust in business in this country by the Vistula River. When we add a strong stereotype of a businessman  as a wheeler-dealer who became rich thanks to scams, we may experience a piece of unfriendly atmosphere which happens in Poland. Trust in Polish business is rare and it is a luxurious value which hasn’t been appreciated very much yet. Cooperation with a foreign company which respects this value often means stress for a Polish partner – trust is expected, but unfortunately it cannot  be placed.  So why not to teach us how to trust in business? Many examples prove that it pays back and more and more people here connected with business know about it, however they are afraid of using this knowledge in practise.