Polish mentality, coffee PR and business


Coffee aroma. I exchange opinions about Polish mentality ( enjoying coffee PR). My interlocutor is the person who has been working in Poland as a CEO from 15 years. He is not Polish and in his career he did business all over the world.

Below some subjective opinions about Polish mentality and I believe they will starts some of your thoughts:

1. Polish people are prepared perfectly to answer the question why it cannot succeed. The most important are threats, no opportunities.

2. Not motivated. It is hard to find people who just want and are motivated.

3. Victims. The Polish history shows that we had to suffer so much as the nation ( Christ for the Nations) and that we were cheated so many times. That’s why we are quite familiar with the role of victim and it is so hard to believe in winning. Too often winners were others.

4. To survive you cannot trust anyone, so there is a huge trust deficit in Poland. It is connected with the communistic times when a total lack of trust guaranteed survival. So it is really hard to build relations.

5. Problems with communication and presenting own opinion. It can happen because of hierarchy in company, the politics to not been seen and because of not being confidential enough.

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