Poetry, PR and business


Are there any connections? Certainly!

1. Poetry like business focuses on feelings’ identification. Right diagnosis of client’s feelings and then his needs decides about success  of your task, project or business.

2. Emotion. In poetry the obvious element, but in business it’s getting more and more important. Emotion drives business in a higher level where you can conquer not only minds but also hearts of your clients.

3. Reading poetry, writing poetry, getting inspiration from poetry means practising intracommunication. This is the sign that you are on the right way. If you can answer the questions about who you are and what’s your goal, it results in running business in a simple and easy way. Why? Because you run it according to yourself.

4. Poetry uses a metaphor and today in story telling this is a powerful element which lets you be noticed and then build a relationship between you and your audience.

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