Planning and GTD


New year. Unlimited possibilities. And one dream about GTD ( getting things done). How to make a to-do list and then complete it?

Can you plan? Certainly! We plan shopping in advance with a list and we plan huge projects like PR campaign. Planning is writing step by step what to do to achieve goals. Good planning is an introduction to effective actions.

What tools do I use for planning? For me works well: a paper calendar, a notes and Simple GTD. For 2015 I have got a nice notebook by Peter Pauper Press. It is recommended a pocket size notebook ( 9/14cm). Such a notebook lets me  write down things to do, a very important piece of information and ideas any moment I wish. I also use Simple GTD – it is a list of things to do divided into projects and there is my perfect place: Done Actions. Once a week I learn about my effectiveness. I like simplicity of this tool.

What tools do you use? Google Calendar? Outlook? A paper list? If you are looking for a tool, here some tools which can lead your life from planning to completing:


Simple and friendly tool. Todoist lets you manage your tasks anywhere. At home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. And on 13 platforms and devices.



Never forget anything again and lets you manage your tasks. Available on iPhone, Google Calendar, Gmail.


It’s a notebook which you can do yourself – economic and handy. Some people clain that Pocketmod is an additional element of it. How does it look like and how to make it? See here a film.


And what do people use? I ask my friends and specialists at different fields about tools they use. And here some answers which may also give you advice what to choose:

Paweł Borowicz, a graphic designer i Dominik Kucharski, a webdeveloper whom I have been cooperating for a long time use Wunderlist: it has got all what they want and it’s free of charge and works at dekstop, iPhone i iPad.

Katarzyna Stern- Nałęcz- a behaviorist and an owner of Canac -Centrum Edukacji Kynologicznej Canac: A piece of paper or a calendar on my phone.

Jacek Kotarbiński – a marketing specialist: Evernote and Google Calendar. Evernote (,because it’s like a private library. Evernote reminders are simple and short. Google lets to integrate the calendar on different mobile devices. A piece of paper and mindmapping work well regarding conceptual work.

Małgorzata Sambor-Cao the author of the book Sapere aude: A paper calendar. I cannot write a book writing it on a paper and I cannot make notes using electronic devices.

Bartek Niedziółka a human dentist: Always a piece of paper is the winner. Sometimes I use my calendar on smart phone. Very often I use my notebook&calendar at my dental office.

Klauda Tolman a creative draftswoman: I use some tools: 1. Google Calendar, 2. Basecamp ( , 3. Nozbe (seldoma as Basecampa is enough) – And I can’t imagine my life without 4. Dropbox, 5. Evernote.

Joanna Modrzyńska – the founder and a trainer at the school Art of Manners: My calendar and notes on my iPhone let me survive.

Monika Bajer a singer and an English teacher: I’ve got a paper agenda in my calendar&notebook.

Marzena Cholerzyńska- a couch: A piece of paper, a pen and a calendar, because in this case I prefer paper than mobile devices. I also recommend Eisenhower’s task manager diagram.

Fot. Notebooks by Peter Pauper Press.

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