Personal branding and corporation?


Corporation’s human face? Promotion? Keeping corpo positive image?

Some people claim that personal branding, to be precise: employee personal branding strategy, is a good promotion solution for corporations.

Personally, I believe it is not: personal branding is not for corporations.

And it is not only about some threats for corporation, like:  it’s hard to achieve cohesion between personal brand and company brand; good managers can be stolen by a competitor; it is a must to create a strategy which is full of challenges and traps. But is not the main reasons I am against. Not at all!

In personal branding the most crucial is person – his power and unique abilities   which leads to managing his brand in business successfully. Person is both the key and the message. In corporation its company brand is the most important ( inc. its values and its brand features). Can you see the conflict?

Yes, there are some exceptions and we will find companies that try to adopt the concept of personal branding to its needs. But, let’s not have doubts that in different difficult situations, inc. conflict,  company is more important than person. Even if you are show horse ( vs. work horse –  Christian Crumlish, Director of Consumer Experience at AOL), your corporation decides how long and how you can represent your company. And keep in mind, that you represent your corporation, not yourself.


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