Personal and summer TOP3


Only some days of summer left. Holidays’ pictures haven’t been put in order yet, but a sum up of my summer books is ready.

I’d call this holidays ‘ coming back to Heraclitus’ as he is the philosopher who is in my good graces. I started my holidays from him and then it appeared that my TOP 3 are the books connected with philosophy.

1st Place

Mark Rowlands The Philosopher and the Wolf

The great story of Mark and Brenin with philosophical knowledge passed in a very interesting way including precious personal comments.

2nd Place

Robert Rowland Smith Driving with Plato

Let you look at your life form a good perspective where there is the beginning and the end.

3rd Place

Tracey Lawson A Year in the Village of Eternity

Life philosophy in practice of the inhabitants of the village Campodimele. The story of simplicity and about how little we need to feel happy; about people, gardens and cooking. Great recipes!

And in Polish:

Marcin Fabjański Stoicyzm uliczny

Quite interesting idea of organizing book – stressful situations and immediate response of such philosophers like Epicur and Seneca.