People who fail one test


Do you look at a rose and what can you see? Soft petals or a worm on a leaf? Which of them do you watch? This is a test of the Snow Queen.

There are people who see the worm – the worst and the ugliest. They focus on  ugliness, bad features and they celebrate them. They can see clearly always what is bad.

Sometimes it is really hard to understand that they choose to catch this point of view, however they see like everyone. Unbelievable that they do not want to see, touch and smell the rose. For them it doesn’t make any sense as this worm will eat the flower finally. And this worm is not guilty!

Some days ago while it was snowing I was reading the fairy tale ‘The Snow Queen’ by Andersen. Do you remember about the mirror which shatters into billion of pieces? Some of them are in eyes and minds of these people the same way one piece gets into Kay’s heart. They are sure about being right and they spend life in frozen castles of their sad and right thoughts. They don’t know that they are hostages of the Snow Queen.

It would be good to change them, wouldn’t it? Like in a fairy tale when the evil can be turn into the good. But is there anything more difficult? Is it not better  to support the good and let the evil goes its road?

If there is in someone power of Gerda, it means a road to the end of the world. Life for another person with a mission to get him/her back and  change him/her doesn’t have to be a mission impossible. So many of us try to change another person every day. But think if tears and innocent heart is enough. Gerda, for me you are a beautiful exception which shows that it’s possible to win. Exceptionally!