Passion in business


Through the years of working with people my experience shows how important is attitude in business. If a person works with engagement and passion – you can see it at first sight. His or her smile, good energy, curiosity, openness and inner peace show that passion.

Passion in business ensures success. Why? Because passion is emotion, engagement, relationship building and most of all credibility. The basis of the business relationship is trust, without it no business can survive. A man with a passion makes his business that way so you believe him from the first meeting. Whether it’s clothing store, a barber or a language school. The person makes you want to have a relation with.

In business learning and developing are both important and these aspects are easier to follow for people with passion. Especially when we come to learn from mistakes. Rather than give up at the first defeat – passion allows you to search for creative solutions.

Creativity is inherent passion sister used to improve and develop their own business.

What connects creators of large companies, family businesses and small businesses with passion – a business with passion created by people who use their natural abilities, talents and gained in their work.

My passion: Festival Torun with Passion, trainings and networking. Based on my own experience I encourage you to follow your dreams and develop a passion for both private and professional life.


The opinion shared Joanna Rutecka – an organizer of the festival Torun with Passion.

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