Passion and Public Relations campaign


If you like doing something, do it more and more often. And use it in your Public Relations campaign.

We have different passions. After hours. Sometimes they seem to be so far away from what we do every day at work. But our passions tells a story about us as an unique person. So what about much passion during working hours?


Think of Public Relations campaign ( a must in personal branding) keep in mind that it is crucial to answer the question: what you like doing and then to use it in your everyday tasks.

1st example when passion brings customers.

Profession: a dentist. Passion: dance.

Start cooperation with dance schools and dancers. Additionally, you can create a education campaign to them. Involvement which is natural as it is connected what we really love not only grow the number of patients, but also brings additional satisfaction.

2nd example when passion is your differentiation. Profession: PR specialist. Passion: writing poems.

A PR specialist who writes poems? It differentiation him from the crowd of the rest PR specialists. As he know what writing really means, he can be an ideal partner for a writer to start a good promotion connected with a writer’s brand.

3rd example when passion builds relations. Profession: a manager at a corporation. Passion: reading.

He organizes meetings of people from his company who like reading. Something like swapping books event. This way he builds relations which pays back every day at work.

Fot. Brooke Shaden

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