Paper worth respect


Nowadays win screens, e-books, audio books… what means paper book?

Book is getting more and more exclusive… Nothing can replace smell of printing ink, rustle, impression cover. Why am I writing ‘ replace’? Because today many dream of having e-book reader and all of us can see advantages of this device. But still paper book has got power which some of us will enjoy to the very end.

I think not only about its organoleptic features like smell, possibility to flick through… Book is a kind of fulfilled promise which screen cannot offer as screen means distance towards a reader. Reading a paper book we can mark some sentences; we can make some notes (by a pencil); we can copy a page and send to a friends with a personal thought. Book is very close to its reader. It is not only available at hand, but it much closer – we can feel its touch.

Reading a book is a personal matter. We read what we want and where we want. We can hide it in a bag or leave near our pillow while we are falling asleep…

When we read e-book using i-Pad, everyone can learn about us more, like where we live, what we like. Electronic device means not only comfort, but also includes invigilation.

So you know why paper book is your special friend for lonely and rainy evenings

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