One Bridge More


Is it possibile to build a bridge which links between Leutkirch, a town in Germany, and Dolanji, a village in India?
In a mountainous village Dolanji at the orphanage Bon Children’s Home live Tibetan children. In the nearby are Hindu people for whom dealing with poverty is like a daily routine and there is also a group of monks praying in the monastery Menri. In 2009 this landscape was changed because of the mission Dentist for Tibetan Children.


Two dental doctors from Poland came there for 4 weeks and had 586 visits in a dental office which was organized in a hurry using limited possibilities. Next year another mission is set off and preparing to it has been started. Its priority is an autoclave which will provide safe treatment.

In Leutkirch im Allgäu near Boden Lake is located the company SciCan GmbH which is a manufacturer of fast and compact autoclave. Exactly this one which needs patients in Dolanji. It was only the task to let hands of Robert Gall, Export Manager form SciCan, and Bartek Niedziolka, the originator and coordinator of the action, to meet and as aresult the bridge was erected. Through it medical help will be supplied to Dolanji from Leutkirch in Germany.

Building such a human bridge gives a deep sense of B2B. Acts of kindness lead to business development and being just for people as it always should be.