New SWOT version


In life matters to see, sometimes to discover and to find. What?  Your personal Super Opportunity, so use SO instead SWOT.

What is SO? Super Opportunity analysis.

S like SUPER – strenghts

Strenghts are your unique power and they decide about your success. To get what you want use your knowledge, experience, ability which you have got. Invest in development of abilities which you already have. Be aware of yourself, because it is a source of your self-confidence which is a must to complete a task. It also gives perseverance and let us behave in consistent manner.  If you want to achieve a goal, S is a super priority. Ask yourself:

Why do I want to do it?

Why do I achieve my goal?

What am I good at?

There is the paradox that it is easier to write weaknesses than strenghts. Usually we have no problem to find weak points and we are well-informed what needs improvement and what we have not got yet. This letter W ( Weakness) throws doubt on our plans, because so many weaknesses is in us. Let’s cross W, because the most important are our strenghts which are our real power.

O like Opportunity.

Opportunity (a chance to fulfillment) which is our driving force . Life opportunity is worth living. It is energy and involvement. Take your opportunity means acting. It is a real promise of making a good use of things available in our world. Ask yourself:

What opportunity can you see?

What positive change can it bring to your life?

Why so much do you want to take it?

Threats only block us and as a result we don’t act. Like weaknesses they communicate why we shouldn’t do anything. Many business and personal cases let me write that SWOT often shows that something it’s not worth acting, however it far away from the truth. What a pity that we miss an opportunity because we are afraid of failure.

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