Marketing and 3 deadly sins


You know that advertising is a must. Maybe even you have an idea for marketing actions. Are you sure that you don’t make mistakes?

I asked Joanna Czerska-Thomas who is a marketing specialist associated with BRIDGEEHAD about deadly marketing sins and here is what she shared with us:

  1. No budget.

What is a budget in your first marketing plan? Didn’t you plan? Don’t you know how much you spent? Have you left it for later and started your business with business cards printed at home?


  1. Catching opportunity.

How many opportunities have you caught last year? Advert at half price. A graphic projects free of charge. Write down all your expenses on advertising and you’ll be surprised how much you spent without control.


  1. To everyone.

Who is a receiver of your marketing activity? Everyone?! You know it well that you don’t reach your final customer.

And what now?! Now you know why there are PR and marketing specialists and why companies cooperate with agencies.


Guest post by Joanna Czerska-Thomas a marketing specialist who is business associated with BRIDGEHEAD PR.


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