I love such people!


Who? People with passion. With imagination. With courage. You are still asking what kind of people? Just one example.

I saw Maria on 11th October, 2013 at Charms of Business. She was a source of great energy and beauty. I’m sure that when you look at this photo, you can guess easily where is Maria in it.

It is also important for me that Maria is a dentist. As you know I like people who practise this profession very much.  So the project Treat person, not disease and the workshop about strenghts of female dental doctors are not by accident. It is the consequence of my positive feeling connected with dentists. Not all, but these for whom being a dentist is something more than just a job.

I was asked to share info about Charms of Business to a professional dental journal and I asked Maria for her opinion which she shared with me ( below). I believe that sometimes one day is enough to change a lot, to find power, so… now the words written by Maria Lorentowicz-Zagalak, DMD from Dental Clinic Zagalak:

Is it worth to me , a dentist, to participate in the Charms of Business conference? Is it appropriate? Am I going to achieve any goal? Isn’t it a waste of time since it doesn’t bring anything new to my practice? This and other questions might be asked by lots of women dentists who are thinking of joining the Third   meeting of Charms of Business; by lots of dentists but not all of them. Indeed, a few drops of a gambler’s blood is needed to say immediately I’M GOING. Justyna (the co-organiser of the conference) asked me to write my thoughts on the subject ” What did the Charms of Business conference 2013 give you”? I’ll tell you my story; if any of my colleagues is at a similar career stage or has similar priorities – I’m inviting you to Charms.

Life is a bit like the theatre, choreography changes, actors change, the audience changes. In the period following my univeristy education there were several acts: the scientist stage (I got my PhD), the young dentist stage, owing my own dental surgery ( going crazy while looking for equipment, fairs, dentist conferences), the young mother stage ( I gave birth to two children) and ……everything is fine. The time has come to work in my self-interest, invest in myself, develop my own SELF . Again, talking about the theatre- we perform the same play for hundred times , we know our roles very well, everything works perfectly – but despite all this, some people start thinking of some changes. At this stage in my life I meet Justyna and Joanna. A mere coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences, right moments, right time. It’s time to change – as Alex Barszczewski says.

6 months after Charms I can say: I’m not just a doctor- I’m also a manager; We, my husband and I, are not only the owners of a dental surgery – we run a company. How did it happen? During the Charms of Business conference I was noticed by a person – I was actively participating in Alex Barszczewski’s presentation – who right the following day invited me to the meetings of BNI Polska group, the branch of Bydgoszcz. I went there and I just got entranced; weekly meetings in a group of managers, chairpersons of big companies of Bydgoszcz and I….. A DENTIST! But we keep on going ahead proudly: I’VE GOT MY BUSINESS TOO .BNI EAGLES in Bydgoszcz believed in this and so did I! I talked loudly about my surgery, I encouraged thinking about visiting a dentist without visions of pain, noise adn nightmare ! They got the message and spread it ….. After 5 months I became a member of Lewiatan group managed by Mrs. Henryka Bochniarz. Last month during the meeting at TZMO I was sitting next to the charman of a corporation employing 2000 people. We employ 9. I don’t see any difference, didn’t feel any inferiority complex – why?- because both the chairman and I are the owners. My position in Lewiatan is a medical cluster   associating surgeries, sanatoriums, hospitals. We’re planning an advanced programme of tourism   from Scandinavia.

Dear colleagues- we’ve got a great job, we’ve got our own offices so it’s only up to us how to plan our life. We are all familiar with working up to12 hours a day, on Saturday and   on every patient’s call. We’re also familiar with occupational burnout. It’s a standard. The trick is to wake up at the right time ( usually it’s cervical spine pain ) and think: wouldn’t it be smarter to employ another doctor and also take care of   organizing the work of others? You have to evolve on various levels. One thing is sure:   not everybody will notice the right time in their life, but everybody can take a chance of coming to   Bydgoszcz for the IIIrd Charms of Business.   Every woman is going to leave the Hotel pod Orłem very flattered and valued, is going to meet women of different ages and various baggage of experience but they all have one thing in common: they want to take action, to evolve, they have crazy passions and they are happy. Why do I think so? Charms Women do what THEY LIKE, and if they get bored by a play, they take another book from a shelf , start reading it in the middle and understand   it all anyway. It’s worth coming, it’s worth listening to our speakers, it’s worth listening to yourself. It’s worth to be with us. Come!


Maria Lorentowicz – Zagalak, MDM, works with passion in Bydgoszcz and can squeeze the day! www.zagalak.pl

About the project Charms of Business

Monika Bajer, thank you very much for the excellent translation of Maria’s opinion.

Fot. Piotr Ulanowski, Charms of Business, 2013

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