Logotype and communication


Dentistry is a good example which shows how you can be trapped by your market identification and this way lose your chance for unique communication via logotype.

More than 90% of logotypes in dentistry shows a tooth. So when we focus on a market very much, and follow our ego, we often forget that logotype is a chance to be well- recognized and this way to reach customers. Now please think about your logotype. Is it designed for a receiver – customer? What emotion does it reveal? What does it share?

There are 2 rules which are worth practising.

One is very basic: when everybody zigs, zag.

Learning  from others does not mean to copying. So find your way and be different as you are, in fact. Differenciating from others means that you are noticed in a crowd of  million teeth logotypes.


One advanced rule: tell a story through design.

If you can share emotion and tell a story through logotype, you are the winner. Customer cannot forget such a logotype. It is a promise, a good piece of news and a perfect identification. More, it gives info what is offered. Here’s the example of what I’m writing about – the logotype of Dental Practice from Poznan.


Logo created by Maciej Kawecki

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