LinkedIn – success in business relations in 5 basic steps


This is the largest business networking site in the world. professional. Truly connected with business. International. Maybe for business in Poland GoldenLine network is enough, but if you think of something more, be at LinkedIn.

If you have your profile ( or you think of creating it), start from 5 basic tips to build your success:

1. Let others know you means complete your profile.

This is your business card – the most important instrument in personal branding. And this is a great chance for creating a positive first impression. Keep in mind that LinkedIn usually ranks in the top of Google search results for “Your First and Last Name”.

2. Enjoy networking.

This is the networking tool so use it to find your contacts and to start new once. Be active. Now you don’t have to drive hundreds of kms to meet a manager from Germany or to discuss to a specialist from the USA, so enjoy possibilities which LinkedIn offers.

3. Be interesting.

Your business profile doesn’t have to be boring. Add some personal info and show your personality via a story or a profile picture. Let people be interested in you.

4. Appreciate others.

Recommend skills of people you really appreciate. Be generous. If you give, you will receive recommendations, too.

5. Talk.

Choose your LinkedIn groups. Share your opinions. Some people claim that these groups are the part of LinkedIn which you should be focused the most. There you start new contacts, you gather knowledge and share it and finally you build your brand.

My profile at LinkedIn is in English, because: a) when I created it, LinkedIn wasn’t in Polish, b) I treat it as the network to start first of all international contacts. In past I’d say that GoldenLine in Poland is enough, but LinkedIn is a must if you want to be in business abroad.

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