Light summer story that you can’t tell a book by its cover


Scene One

A neighbour is noticing that in my garage some men are fixing kids furniture. There are a toddler bed, a nappy – changing and a small table with kids’ chairs. The bed is pink and my neighbour thinks how we could know that the baby’d be a girl.

Scene Two

We’re standing near a cot bed in a park. ‘We’ means a couple after 40. A passing woman is congratulating buying the bed and she is wishing a healthy baby. Yes, health is crucial!

Scene Three

We are caring a bed. The day is sunny and the piece of furniture quite light, so we are smiling. Suddenly, we are bumping into a priest from my parish. He might think of a coming baptism…

But appearances can be deceptive. Quite obvious pictures can be misleading, can’t they?

All scenes are from a furniture session. The couple is a photographer and a PR specialist at work.