Letter to you


We are preparing another trip to the village Dolanji, India and we are gathering money needed for purchasing an electric generator and a compressor also our plan is to make a renovation of a dental office there and purchase tooth pastes, toothbrushes and vitamins for the children.


This Xmas post card can help us to achieve these goals. Buying it you support our activities to improve the health of children who really need such help. What is more, this  card can be a gift, a note, a present, a Xmas decoration, a bookmark or whatever you wish it to be. Everything depends on your creativity, so we encourage you to learn about your own inventiveness:).

The MediCare Project “A Dentist to children of Tibet” helps children from the orphanage Bon Children’s Home in Dolanji, India. The most important issue is providing with dental care, including diagnosis, plans of treatment, impregnations, applying dental sealants, extractions and endodontic treatment of  various natures. Last but not least we educate about hygiene. We can see the first effects of our work with improvement regarding hygiene in the children. It gives us a lot of joy, however there is a lot to do. Anyway, with your help and support, we will manage to make a tremendous for the good we are sure.