Learn about false personal branding strategy


I notice some people around who try to be seen as specialist at all costs. They focus on building their personal brand choosing an incorrect strategy.

And often they do not realize that it is wrong strategy as firstly it brings effects. It shows you on the stage. And it is based on quite clear modus operandi which makes all actions easy to follow.


I mean copying – coping of another specialist. So, such a person who pretends to be a specialist imitates working model, business model, communication model, way of delivering solutions, behaviours, etc. So it means imitating without giving a source. If it happens to you to copy somebody’s opinions, solutions, stories without mentioning their author, think if it is really good to be a copy of somebody. Copy is always copy. Even if only some people can verify it, including you. Do you know the words by Oscar Wilde:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


Don’t be a person who taking into account PR makes 3 basic mistakes. What mistakes do I mean?

  • he/ she is addicted to somebody which is really short-sighted attitude,
  • he/ she must play a role which sooner or later is stressful as you cannot cheat the nature,
  • he/ she neglects his/her real potential and it’s something what is


Fot. Leszek Paradowski.

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