Last minute offer for your brain


Do you let your brain to take a rest? Just off from every day challenges, packed schedules, matters to solve? When last time did you send your brain on holidays?

Often we go on holidays and we are on line non – stop. We are ready both to answer to a question from a potential client and to response to needs of an important client. We plan our holidays to think over strategic questions, to write an article, to polish up an offer and to make a life decision. Our poor brain is like a slave and it is bad luck that it belongs to us.

Why is it a good business to send our brain for holidays?

Because brain will pay back with creativity, optimal solutions and good energy.

How to find the best offer for your brain?

DIY. Nobody knows your own brain as you do.

The offer for my brain which makes it really relaxed:

– no access to the net for 1 week,

– some good novels (books not connected with my work),

– watching a lot of beautiful views, like sunsets, yachts sailing, nice cafes,

– crossing the border of the country where I live to take my brain away from everyday life and work.