On 1st December the hands of the clock decide to change their direction. It has happened since 1997 when first time I set my journey with Elizabeth up. I neither buy tickets nor pack my luggage, however I go on the journey which starts in Norway

Sometimes it’s enough to run after a teddy sheep that escapes from a shopping mall in order to find out the Christmas mystery. This way Elizabeth Hansen revealed it through joining a retinue of shepards, kings and angles…  Now:

  • We wait actively. W plan. We have many topics to talk about. We go for short and long every day trips waiting via movement. And most of us look forward to Xmas time. Just can’t wait!
  • Windows are getting beautiful. The world lighted with decorations is prettier and the same way people are prettier than before December. We want to be better and we are. Jingle bells, snow melting on faces, scent of Xmas tree lead to a lovely Xmas mood infection.(The opposite tobroken windows).
  • Everything is possible. It’s time when dreams come true. Under Xmas trees are millions of presents. We spend time with people who are close to our hearts. We create our own Xmas story which can be exactly what we want it to be . “ Hold to the vision and you can make the seemingly impossible possible” Jean Houston.
  • Giving we receive. These days it is easier than whenever to receive and we think more often than usual about giving. In result of giving ‘ a piece of heaven mystery’ is in our hands paraphrasing the words from the book by Jostein Gaarder’a